Thursday, December 1, 2011

Helpless in America?

Lately, I've been waking up in the morning feeling smug and tired of the constant stress of well...adulthood. I think it's safe to say that adults in this era are being challenged by anything and everything to the point of no return. We go to therapists to seek some answers and all they want to do is drug us up like zombies and expect that "pills" will help us enjoy life more (Zombie Apocalypse much?). Everyday we are being diagnosed with a bunch of disorders and told that well...we're not "normal". Has there ever been a definition for normal? Is this just ANOTHER way to be "controlled"? I'm full of questions today, I must say...mostly rhetorical because quite frankly I'm sick of feeling "helpless in America." America, we need to get our sh*t together...we're depressed because most of us are tired of the massive workload working one job that really requires at least three people. We're too scared to leave because we need to feed our families, pay the mortgage or risk losing our homes. We're trying to put kids through college, pray for a retirement, and deal with good 'ol inflation...oh and not to mention...pray for some health insurance and that our jobs aren't given to someone overseas. There are so many people in the US going hungry everyday because there is so much debt over our heads and not enough left over to supplement families. Yeah, there are government programs, but there are so many provisions that the ones who really need it sometimes can't get it because they make two cents more than the minimum requirement. I've met people with college degrees working odd jobs because there's nothing out there. For one job there are ten people lined up with thousands of qualifications. This is literally becoming survival the fittest. I think most of us are tired of running our hamster wheel and being experimented on. All I know is that I have given it some thought and I'm tired of being an absent citizen who just sits and complains about everything around them. I admit it, I want to learn more about the things surrounding me and how politicians are making decisions that can affect myself and my family. What good is it if we sit and complain and do not educate ourselves and do anything about it. What kind of US will be relevant for our children if WE the adults decide to ignore what REALLY goes on? All in all, my fist is in the air for a new tomorrow, a better economy, a better education system, a united people, civil liberties and free press!